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Aava Cardigan
Designed by rosa p

Aava Cardigan is a classic cardigan with a moderate boat neck that can be worn all year round and that can be wonderfully combined with other garments.
Starting at the neckline, it is worked seamlessly top down using the contiguous method.

The neckline is shaped with short rows, while at the same time, the shoulders are worked with right and left leaning increases.

Thereafter, increases for the sleeves are worked, followed by classic raglan increases.

Once the sleeves stitches have been placed on hold, the body is worked flat and ends with a ribbed hem.

You can choose between the boxy shape or the classic shape with decreases.

The sleeves are worked in rounds and are finished with ribbed cuffs.
At the end, you pick up stitches along the front edges to work the front plackets.

Circumference at bust: 92 (98) 102 (108,5) 116 (124) 132 cm

Como Tweed

1 (2) 3 (4) 5 (6) 7


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