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Vinnje Collar
Designed by rosa p

Vinnje Collar is a neck and body warmer in fisherman’s rib. It can be worked in 3 sizes.

To ensure that Vinnje Collar fits perfectly and keeps you nice and warm, I start with a highly elastic cast on.

You have the choice between two versions: You can either work Vinnje Collar with a stand-up collar or a turtle neck and optionally close it with laces. Vinnje Collar is a reversible neck/ body warmer and looks great with both the „knobby“ side as well as the classic fisherman’s rib pattern on the outside.

The collar is worked in rounds.Thereafter, it is divided into front and back and continued flat. The shoulders are shaped with right and left leaning double increases, which give the collar a very special look. Vary Vinnje Collar in your own personal way!

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