100% Wool (Merino Superfine)



Knitting Needle: 3,5 - 4,5 mm (US 4-7)
Gauge (10 x 10cm): 22 S x 34 R
Meterage: ca. 120m, 25g
Amount: Pullover in size M (38-40), approx. 275g

Shade Card

  • Marble 57 M
  • Light Grey 42 M
  • Silver Grey 05 M
  • Slate Grey 28 M
  • Anthracite 04 M
  • Black 01
  • Wool White 00
  • Silk Grey 03 M
  • Cream 26
  • Caramel 30
  • Muscat 47 M
  • Walnut 58 M
  • Macadamia 48 M
  • Curry 08
  • Copper 25
  • Chili 15
  • Carmine 33
  • Burgundy 56
  • Bordeaux 16
  • Aubergine 50
  • Rust 73 M
  • Chestnut Brown 06
  • Khaki 07
  • Mustard 67
  • Kiwi 66
  • Pine 34
  • Seagrass 74 M
  • Fir 69
  • Moss Green 51 M
  • Sage 64 M
  • Grass Green 52
  • Linden Green 38
  • Pigeon Blue 36
  • Pastel Blue 43
  • Jeans 12 M
  • Royal 10
  • Glacier 76 M
  • Ice Blue 54 M
  • Basalt Blue 46
  • Dark Denim 41 M
  • Night Blue 53 M
  • Navy 11
  • Lagoon Blue 55
  • Amazonas 75 M
  • Petrol 24
  • Crocus 49 M
  • Plum 31
  • Rose Quartz 62
  • Cherry Blossom 72
  • Antique Pink 40
  • Pearl Grey 37
  • Lilac 32
  • Azalea 77 M
  • Peach 44

COMO is a three-ply twisted SUPERLIGHT DK yarn made of 100% superfine merino wool with 18.5 microns. The carded yarn with a meterage of 120m on only 25g (131 yd. on only 0.88 oz.) gets its unique lightness and its extremely soft feel through an innovative manufacturing method. The temperature-regulating and breathable properties of merino wool are supported positively, and the light wool fluff creates a noble, discreetly matt surface.

The mulesing-free raw wool for COMO is sourced from selected Australian shepherds and is spun and dyed in Italy by a family-run traditional company. The merino wool used is certified regarding animal welfare, sustainability and social responsibility and is dyed according to the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 for baby products.

These properties make COMO particularly versatile. Thanks to the softness and machine washability it is very suitable for baby clothes, accessories and everything that should be cuddly soft. Fair Isle gets a great look and especially larger knitwear benefits from the low weight, holding the shape excellently due to the elasticity in combination with the lightness of the yarn.

COMO can excellently be worked one-stranded, but also offers the ideal basis for combinations with our other qualities. For an extra portion of fluff and even more softness, COMO can be wonderfully knitted with our Super-Kid mohair yarn PREMIA, but also MODENA and our alpaca yarns PIURA and CUSI are perfect as accompanying yarns.   

LAMANA color world: Due to the carefully coordinated colors, our qualities can be combined very harmoniously with each other, but also offer the possibilities of light nuances and strong contrasts.

Care: COMO can be washed in the washing machine using the wool cycle at 30°. The wool then blooms again and becomes noticeably softer, fluffier and the knitting pattern even more dense. We recommend the use of a neutral, mild wool detergent without enzymes and plasticizers, in very low doses. Then dry the knitted piece gently lying flat and avoid direct sunlight.

COMO family: COMO, COMO Tweed, COMO Grande, COMO Grande Tweed and COMO Cashmere are perfectly matched to each other. COMO is identical in thickness and gauge to Como Tweed and COMO Cashmere. Knitted double-stranded, two COMO strands correspond to one strand of COMO Grande. Thus, all patterns from COMO Grande Tweed and COMO Grande can be knitted accordingly with COMO. 

The LAMANA SUPERLIGHT Collection – for featherlight knitwear:

Thanks to innovative manufacturing processes, our SUPERLIGHT yarns offer a unique lightness. Thus, the knitted favorite pieces weigh significantly less than usual and offer an incomparably airy wearing comfort.