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Claude Troyer
Designed by kolibri by johanna

The sweater is knitted top down in one piece: First, the shoulders and the round neck are shaped with raglan increases and additional increases for the neckline. Afterwards, back and both front parts are worked separately to shape the armholes. As soon as you have reached the desired length, back and front part are joined and worked for several centimeters back and forth in rows, until all parts are joined to the round and finished with a hem in 1x1 ribbed pattern. Now, stitches for the sleeves are picked up and the sleeves are first shaped with German Short Rows, before they are worked flat OR in rounds until you reach your desired length and finish the sleeves with a lot of decreases and a hem in 1x1 ribbed pattern. In the end, you are going to pick up stitches along the neckline to attach a double folded collar in 1x1 ribbing. In the last step, the double knitted button band is attached to the deep neckline.

The fit of the sweater is very oversized and boxy with a normal length. The sleeves have a slightly voluminous look and tighten at the cuffs for a balloon- like shape. The highlight of the sweater is the statement button band from the neckline down to the upper belly.

Como Grande

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  • Claude Troyer